SageMedia, LLC is a one-stop media shop for small businesses. We provide high tech digital solutions with a high tough approach. Our services include direct text message service, social media development and management, web hosting and management; graphic design, photography, e-mail campaigns and development plan consulting.

In today’s fast moving digital age, it is very difficult to keep up with the growing trends in digital communication, let alone to understand all the changes and almost impossible to stay on top of managing this ever growing communication medium.

While every business owner knows that they can not afford to miss out on the digital movement, most of them can not afford to stay on top of all the of different mediums, that is where SageMedia comes in. Instead of having to take the time of a small business owner, or employ one or a few employees to oversee and manage all the different aspects of today’s digital communication medium, a business can hire one consulting company; SageMedia; to run, manage and oversee every aspect that they need.

SageMedia can and will develop and manage your company’s digital mediums so that the message that your company is sending out is congruent across all aspects. No longer will you have to worry about consistency in what is sent out through your text message, what is posted to social media sites, what is put together in print advertisement, what your weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly e-mail contains and what is updated to your website. We ensure that the message you want to get across to your customers and potential customers does not waiver.

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